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Amazon 2022 Product Guide

Amazon FBA December 9, 2021

COVID-19 changed not just how we buy, but what we buy. As the world opens back up heading in 2022, what we buy will change again.

The world is always changing, but the last few years have seen retail change in unprecedented ways. The next year is shaping up to be no different. While 2020 was all about staying inside, 2021 saw outdoor activities ramp up again. That’s almost certain to continue trending as more people get vaccinated and things continue to open up. As a result, your products should reflect this changing reality. However, some things that were true last year will be true this year as well.

Whether it’s building on a trend from 2021 or capitalizing on new items for 2022, here’s a look at some areas to sell in the upcoming year.

Pet Goods

Pet ownership increased tremendously during the pandemic. As a result, pet care items sold tremendously during the pandemic. Fortunately for us, pets last longer than lockdowns, which means pet care will continue to be a necessity. This also includes pet-safe cleaning products, as pets make a mess.

Reusable Personal Items

Sustainability is on the rise, which in turn saw reusable water bottles continue to grow during the pandemic. And with that growth expected to extend past the middle of the decade, this attitude isn’t going away. People continue to care about the environment, and as a result, reusable water bottles should remain popular. And with various materials (plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, glass) all fit for different audiences, as well as the ability to add creative designs, there are ways to stand out in the field.

Home Improvement Items

With lockdown came more time at home, and with more time at home came the time (and need) for home improvement. This led to an increase in home improvement-related sales. While the world is reopening, we’re still spending more time at home, and that means things still need improving for at least a couple more quarters. Whether aesthetic or functional, there’s a lot you can still offer your customers to improve the place they’re spending most of their time.

Athleisure Wear

Unlike most of the fashion industry, athleisure wear saw growth during the initial stages of the pandemic. Driven by a mix of wanting to be comfortable working from home and working out from home, athleisure does not appear to be going anywhere. While we won’t be working from home forever, the new normal will be different from what came before, and athleisure wear appears to be one of those things that will be sticking around.

Travel Goods

Perhaps no industry was more impacted by COVID-19 than travel. And did it ever see a rebound when COVID restrictions began lifting. In turn, items related to travel have started to surge. This includes everything from luggage to electronics cases to swimwear and even travel-size items to some degree. All of which is to say that if it makes traveling easier, it’s probably seeing an increase in sales.

Sports & Outdoor Goods

Not even nature was safe from COVID closures, with national parks shutting down. But that didn’t stop people from getting into the great outdoors. And as the world opened back up, that only became more true. Which means people are buying outdoor gear, and lots of it. The freedom to move again has undoubtedly been welcomed, and while the pandemic remains uncertain, people are overwhelmingly valuing experiences over items, and getting out in nature is quite the experience.

Staying Fluid

There are likely going to be twists and turns to 2022 that we can’t predict, as the pandemic has been anything but predictable. But after the year of staying in (2020) and the year of kind of, sort of going outside (2021), 2022 is shaping up to be the year of experiences -- out of the house. That, at least, is a handy barometer as we head into the new year.

However, it’s impossible to deny that COVID has complicated things, things that are not necessarily getting simpler. With the meteoric rise in eCommerce as a result of the pandemic, now might be the best time to get out. Contact us to see if selling your business is right for you.


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