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Executive Series: The Importance of Branding

Branding October 14, 2021

A great product needs a great brand to go with it. By considering the customer's perspective, you can put yourself in a position to increase that all-important customer awareness.

Caitlin Gray is the Director of Growth at Boosted. With more than 14 years as a leading digital marketer, Caitlin uses her background in marketing to boost brands post-acquisition. Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from Boise State University & is certified in Amazon & Google Advertising. 

Growing an Amazon FBA business is often associated with paid activities like search or display advertising, social media strategies, and video ads, but with all of these, you can’t overlook the importance of branding. Your brand is the lynchpin of who your company is, which gives meaning to what you do.

When a customer finds your listing for the first time on Amazon, they most likely do a Google search, primarily to determine if your company is legitimate. Because of that, it's important that your branding is consistent on all your marketing materials, making sure that that it matches your website and your Amazon listing. Good branding does more than prove you’re a legitimate company, it will help build trust and recognition for the consumer, which is key to growing brand equity.

Integrated Branding Communications

With marketing, it can be easy to forget about the customer’s perspective. But that perspective is the one that ultimately matters. A cohesive, consistent branding strategy goes a long way toward making a customer trust you. It builds up your voice and lets a prospective buyer know what to expect from you at every level of communication.

Images should be consistent, clear, and clean across all channels, while copy should be concise and convey your value proposition. And more involved communication should consider the customer funnel. When a customer reaches a landing page from a marketing email, that transition should make sense and provide relevant information; the same is true of clickable ads. Links throughout your communications should lead to relevant pages, especially from an outside source like a social media account.

Your Amazon listings should also be treated as part of these communications. Are they informative? Original? The right length? Are the images clear and concise? Are the listings cohesive? The last thing you want is to get someone to your listing, only for it to drive them away -- especially if it’s your primary source of brand information.

3 Tips for Better Branding

To achieve this cohesion between branding and marketing, consider three things:

1. As a brand owner, it's important to remember that you aren't just selling a product, you are selling a brand. That includes highlighting what makes you different from competitors, what your company values are, and being consistent across channels.
2. A high-quality branding campaign can be simple. While you can spend the rest of your life coming up with the perfect campaign, it could be as simple as tackling low-hanging fruit. Ask yourself, from a consumer’s perspective, “Does this make sense?” for everything from copy to images, and you’ll go a long way toward establishing your brand.
3. Always be looking to improve customer awareness. No brand is too big for more awareness, because the day might come where a new product line is introduced or a 2.0 (or even 3.0) version is launched. As long as you continue to answer “What is your product?” and “What is your value proposition?” you can keep the relevant facts about your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds.

In the end, growth, and branding are, to me, part of the same journey driven by the same central concept: making sure you stand out from the competition.

Getting Your Branding Right

At Boosted Commerce, we care about creating consistent, coherent growth and branding strategies for our brands. We take a personal interest in our campaigns and their outcomes, which makes it easier to put in the necessary effort. Whether you’re building a brand or selling a brand, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about the passion that drives us at Boosted.

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