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Sarah Dajani

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Sarah Dajani

Sarah Dajani is VP of Operations at Boosted, managing the company's consumables brands. With nearly a decade of experience, she is a veteran of the food industry, and she is a consumer packaged goods entrepreneur. She holds an MBA from Stanford University, a BA from Princeton University, and is a Fulbright Scholar with a focus on agricultural systems and social entrepreneurship.

Navigating the Noise of the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful(ly chaotic) time of the year. Q4, more specifically the last six weeks of Q4, is the ultimate double-edged sword. On the one...
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7 Things That Can Help Maximize Your FBA Value

We are in the business of your brand’s success. If you want to learn more about how you can better prepare your brand for a sale, what we look for in a brand, and much, much more, check out our resources.

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