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Tamar Frumkin

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Tamar Frumkin

With more than thirteen years experience in start-ups, both in Israel and the United States, Tamar is an expert in building marketing organizations from the ground up. Tamar has spent her career establishing sales pipelines and brand identities and carving out communication strategies for SaaS platforms. From proptech to fashion tech, customer experience software, and health tech platforms, Tamar has extensive experience working with sales organizations and data scientists alike to build positioning and messaging for emerging B2B technology. In her last role as VP Marketing at Skyline AI (since acquired by JLL Technologies), Tamar led investor relations engagement, securing 40% overcommitment from both private and institutional investors, solidifying more than $35MM for the Skyline portfolio.

Boosted: The Year in Review

Growth. It’s the one word that’s come to define eCommerce over the last 21 months. It’s also come to define Boosted Commerce over the last 12. It’s...
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7 Things That Can Help Maximize Your FBA Value

We are in the business of your brand’s success. If you want to learn more about how you can better prepare your brand for a sale, what we look for in a brand, and much, much more, check out our resources.

The Heart of the Sale: Why Owners Sell Their Amazon FBA Businesses

Building a thriving Amazon FBA business is an accomplishment worth celebrating. It requires great vision, determination, and hard work to reach your...
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